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HSE Quality Director

60 years old
WASQUEHAL (France) (59)
Professional Status
About Me
A panorama of varied backgrounds, in different fields of activity, allowed me to master most of the aspects of the Quality, as well as management systems (Quality, Environment, Health and Safety). An experience in production helps me to be more efficient for the implemented solutions.
Rigorous, pragmatic and with an international stage, I wish to get involved and to contribute to the success of the strategy of a company through the implementation of an organization, focused on the result, the added value and the empowerment of the actors.

You will find more details about me on this online resume. And, of course, fell free to contact me for any opportunity!
  • Hierarchical responsibility: 4 managers, 22 foremen and technicians and 24 operators. Production of glass, liquid, atomized and powdered silicates. Site on a high threshold Seveso platform.
  • Implementation of new H&SEQ strategy
  • President of "CSE" and "CSSCT"
Detailed Description
  • Safety: "0 lost time accidents"
    • Staff involvement
    • Development of a safety culture in management (Safety Leadership)
    • ISO45001 on going. Certification on 2023.
  • Environment:
    • Implementation of recycling
    • SAT: NC Product: 200 t. Change-over: 4 t for each one
    • MG: Change-over: 70 t/y
    • Gas consumption: New burners (-15%)
    • ISO 14001: Implementation on going. Certification on 2021.
    • Quality:
    • ISO9001:2015 certified
    • Implementation of IMS:
    • New document control organization.
    • Upgrade of the organization to be online with electronics market.
    • RFT Implementation
Company Description
Subsidiary of PQ Corporation – Performance Chemical BU.
Field of activity: Manufacture of catalysts, silicates and glass-based materials. 70 production units worldwide. Workforce: 3,200 people.
Company website
  • Steering committee member
  • Group H&SEQ Management on every location
  • H&SEQ Synergy
  • Staff reporting: 1 Manager, 4 technicians. Line reporting: 4 managers, 4 technicians.
Detailed Description
  • Implementation of a HSEQ organization on every group location:
    • Shanghai (CN): Iso 14001 (Certification scheduled on 2015).
    • Zlaté Moravce (SK):
    • Iso 14001 (Certification on 2014).
    • IMS implementation.
    • Eaton Rapids (USA): Certification Iso 9001 on 2012.
    • Mexico (MX):
    • Certification Iso 9001 on 2010.
    • Implementation of ISO TS tools.
    • Implementation of group tools (Electronic control of documents, Management of measuring devices).
    • Standardization of QC method.
  • Saint Ouen l’Aumône (F – Certifications: Iso9001 – Iso14001 – OHSAS18001):
    - Implementation of EN 9100 (scheduled on 2016).
    • Implementation of Iso TS 16949 (scheduled on 2016).
    • Customer survey through the web.
    • Simplification of the control of documents.
    • Fusion of Quality System and Environment System.
    • Quality Inspection computerising (COA software, SPC).
    • Implementation of the process control (Work Instruction, RFT).
    • Implementation of subcontractor processes.
Company Description
Member of Axson Group.
Business Field: polyurethane and epoxy resins manufacturing. 5 plants (FR, US, SI, MX, CN). Subsidiaries (GB, DE, SP, IN, JP). Workforce : 330 employees.
Company website
  • Member of the Operations Committee.
  • Président of the EC, of the DP and of “CHSCT”
  • Modification of the production organization.
  • Staff reporting: 3 managers, 9 technicians, 4 foremen and 27 operators.
    Site : 55% of the BU turnover.
Detailed Description
  • Significant reduction in the number of accidents on site (-75%).
  • Bringing up to standart of the Maintenance Department.
  • Implementation of productivity improvement tools (Efficiency, TRS).
  • Improvement and deployment of new functions in the ERP.
  • Taking in hand of the site and improve the social climate.
Company Description
Member of Sika.
Business Field: polyurethane and epoxy resins manufacturing. 5 plants (FR, US, SI, MX, CN). Subsidiaries (GB, DE, SP, IN, JP). Workforce : 330 employees.
Company website
  • Steering committee member
  • Reorganisation of the management system documentation (1 400 documents -> 450)
  • Manager of Supplier Quality Assurance, Metrology, Quality Inspection, Customer Claims, and worldwide customer assistance
  • Staff reporting: 13 technicians. Line reporting: 12 technicians.
Detailed Description
  • Implementation of a centralised QESH integrated management system on every group location (without staff increase):
  • Luton (GB) : 9001 in 2007
  • Déville les Rouen : Green Partner in 2007, 14001 in 2008.
  • Palmer (Usa) : 9001 in 2008.
  • Malines (B) : 9001 in 2008
  • Reorganisation of the Supplier Quality Insurance (Specification books, supplier meeting, invoicing)
  • Improvement of the Metrology (computerising, measuring device management)
  • Quality Inspection optimisation (Better software handling, SPC)
  • Reorganisation of the customer claims department (computerising, 10 d lead-time : >90%) and the World-wide customer assistance.
Company Description
Business field: temporary protective film manufacturing. 3 plants (F, I, USA). 9 Service Centers (USA(2), B, GB, D, SP, I, China(2)). Workforce : 760 employees.
Company website
  • Mantes plant Quality organisation improvement with a practical work focus
  • Mantes plant Iso14001 approach implementation
  • Oniris Customer and Supplier audit manager Oniris
  • Responsable technique du SAV France et Export (Europe et Monde)
  • World-wide customer claims go-to engineer.
Detailed Description
  • Staff reporting: 1 technician. Line reporting: 10 technicians.
Company Description
Business field: Mattress, bed base and electric bed base manufacturing.
4 French plants (45, 67, 69 and 78). Workforce: 1200 employees.
  • Major customer claims issues resolution (17%/year down)
  • World-wide customer claims go-to engineer
  • Oniris Supplier audit manager.
Detailed Description
  • Line reporting : 8 technicians
Company Description
3 French plants (45, 67 and 69). Workforce: 650 employees.
  • ISO 9002 survey assessment (0 non-conformity, 1 remark)
  • Offshore plant project manager
Detailed Description
  • Staff reporting: 1 engineer, 5 technicians, 3 controllers.
Company Description
Usinor group.
Business field: galvanised wire, strand and cable manufacturing. Workforce: 200 employees.
ISO 9002 certified.
  • New foamed line settling and start, with on it new products
  • Lay-off plan drawing up participation and its implementation
Detailed Description
  • Iron sheets cut, profiled products, polyurethane foam product
  • Staff reporting: 5 foremen and 140 employees
Company Description
Brandt group.
Business field: Fridge and freezer manufacturing. Workforce: 1 000 employees. ISO 9001 certified.
  • Industrial project Quality issues analyse and solution management
  • Manufacturing corrective actions implementation
  • Conformity checks organisation implementation
Detailed Description
  • Reporting staff: 3 technicians
Company Description
Brandt group.
Business field: Fridge and freezer manufacturing. Workforce: 1 000 employees. ISO 9001 certified.
  • Quality work teams management
  • Project management organisation respect surveillance
  • Internal audit and quality documentary management
Company Description
Brandt group.
Business field: Fridge and freezer manufacturing. Workforce: 1 000 employees. ISO 9001 certified.
  • Batch orders quality inspection organisation. Indicators implementation
  • Suppliers quality training
Detailed Description
  • Staff reporting: 2 controllers and up to 12 temporary employees
Company Description
Business field: clothing industry for mail order selling companies.
Workforce: 100 employees.
  • treatment process improvement (First good batch ratio: 40% to 99.7%)
  • Quality manufacturing inspection implementation
  • SPC studies
Detailed Description
  • Staff reporting: 2 technicians
Company Description
Renold Group.
Business field: Elevator chain and wheel manufacturing. Workforce: 100 employees.
  • Process Audit
  • TPM Implementation
  • New industrial change assistance
  • IT
  • IT software realization
  • Quality organisation implementation
  • SPC, Capability, Tagushi plans
  • Stocks control
Company Description
CAMM, Kanban, JIT consultants and training company.
Assignments Nord Pas-de-Calais area, in automotive, chemical and plastic fields, from employees to managers.